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Beginner | 5-month access

$199.00 $130.00


  1. Daily Coaching
  2. NYC English Beginner Access
  3. 300 modules (Courses, Exercices, Quizzes & Tests)
  4. Weekly phone call with your coach in English
  5. Money-back guaranteed if you’re not happy


Our package includes:

Your English coach

Initial Assessment Call

Weekly Practice calls

Daily Feedback via bot

24/7 access to our coach

NYC English Level

Beginner (30 themes) 

NYC English Access

5 months


“The best investment you can make is in yourself. “ – Warren Buffett

The most important question to ask yourself:

6 months ago, you wanted to learn/improve your English.

Today, you want to learn/improve your English

If you’re truly honest with yourself, where do you think you’ll be 6 months from now?

NYCB is guaranteed to help you, or your money back. You risk absolutely nothing, except some spelling mistakes. Plus, with NYCB, we’ll teach you the right mindset and skills along with helping you develop the habits and behaviors to learn English fast, so you can get a better life – with more opportunities coming to you.