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Online teaching is becoming popular nowadays where internet is widely accessible in almost every part of the world. You can also make communications by means of video chatting. Students came from different countries and some of them prefer online education than going to regular school.

Now, you have found your niche and decided to teach online, but still you doubt and fear or probably, you are just  confused on how you’ll teach effectively. Don’t allow the bad vibes get in your way, it’s not as difficult as it seems and with the right guidance and/or approach, you can do it! We have come up with some ways to become an effective online Teacher and we hope you find this helpful!

Show up regularly to your students

The misconception about online courses is that people think you don’t need to show up to your students as long as you give them the appropriate materials. Some teachers think that their job is just to guide them and let the students learn the materials they’ve given to them. A successful online teacher, however, is the one who teaches face-to-face, and helps students understand and apply the study materials. If it’ll help, share google calendar alarms for you and your students so you are both reminded at least 30 minutes before the class that you are to get prepared.

Be realistic to your expectations

Just because you work online at the comfort of your home, doesn’t mean everything will be easy-peasy for you. Yes, you may work while in your pajamas, but recognize that there are still challenges present. For example, you need to deal with various students from different backgrounds. This will require a lot of flexibility on your part as you’ll need to be fluid with your approach to the unique challenges that each student brings.

You also need to be patient about the learning ability of students. While some can be quick learners, others may need more time to grasp. You might also feel uncomfortable talking with students you barely know and work using the computer if you’re new to it. In addition, you need to prepare and provide teaching materials to the students.

Do not get overwhelmed nor be discouraged after learning the said challenges. The more realistic you become about what to expect, the more you can overcome the obstacles that get in your way.

Track your student’s progress

It is significant to create exams and homework for your students. This is to know how much your students have learned and see which areas of the subject they still need to improve on. This will not only improve your students’ cognitive process but will also encourage them to be more attentive in your lectures while helping you review what teaching method works best for each personality type..

Give feedback and reviews

Feedback and reviews are important and will help your students progress, this is because you would have been able to help the student understand where the mistakes/errors are coming from as well as what best to do to work around the situation. You can provide them email or voice notes to summarize how he or she performed throughout your previous lessons. Share your ideas and additional suggestions to help your students improve in areas they need to and see remarkable progress in them. If needed, give them additional exercises or activities that will help strengthen their problem areas.

Simplify the lessons.

Instead of filling all your time with long discussion, make it simpler that your student can understand thereby saving time for yourself also while building a stronger reputation for yourself. When formulating lessons and study materials, it is best to put visual or graphics like photographs and charts with captions. Use simple and concise words, instead of using complex terms.

Let your students create multimedia assignments.

Students can express their thoughts by doing their own presentations. You might feel the urge to just grade them with their performance or exams you created, but letting them use multimedia will help your students boost their power of reasoning and understanding complex ideas.

If you follow the steps around this post you are sure that you will become an effective online Teacher. If you believe we missed out something or you have a question around this post, please feel free to drop a comment and we or any other reader will be happy to contribute constructively.

To inform is easy, but to educate effectively demands skill and mastery.


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