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Download NYC English app

You need to know and love what you recommend. So, go to the AppStore or Google Play and search for “NYC English”. Download the app and apply for a demo. If using Android, you can register the demo right inside the app. Just click on “Register” and “I want a demo” and you’re set. If you use iOS, first open your browser and go to the link below. The video explains the details. 

Register for a demoWatch the Video


Post on Facebook  (1 min)

This action takes you less than 1 minute. Share with your social network that you’re onto something big & excited. As an NYCB distributor and coach, you’re starting your own business and that’s worth posting! So make that first post counts. But do not give in. We want your network to engage with you, comment and like your post. And if someone asks you “What do you do”, private message him/her. This might be your very first customer or distributor.

5-Day Video-Training | How Do I Sell NYC English


Create a Business Page (5 min)

This takes about 5-10 minutes. Think of NYCB as your Franchise business. You’ve got the license to distribute NYC English, but you need a place for people to go to. Create a Facebook Page or an Instagram Account (it’s free) and this will allow you to have a professional online presence. Stay focused and pick ONE goal: Either attracting customers OR attracting new distributors. 

How to create a Facebook Page | How to create an Instagram for Business


Present the app

Showing the NYC English online courses on desktop, tablet or mobile phone is the best way to trigger interest from prospects. Use some of the videos below to trigger interest or present NYC English, by Mark Emerson.

6-minute video with Mark Emerson |

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by OrangeCrush


Start today. Don’t wait.

You have big dreams, we get this. But you won’t make it a reality until you take actions. Small ones. Big ones. It does not really matter. You just need to take the first step. Just get started.

Get started

Has someone introduced you to NYCB?

If you have been introduced to NYCB by someone, use the link they gave you. You’ll get all the support you need to start your NYCBusiness. We’re about connecting people and learning. When starting with NYCB, you need to learn new skills: English, Sales and entrepreneurship. The best way to start is to have a sponsor.

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