The role of a coach.

As a coach, you must 1/ to interact daily with your student (a simple text or voice message will do) and 2/ have at least one (1) weekly call to evaluate progress. NYC English app will take care of the rest, that is, the teaching part.

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Connect with NYCB Leaders.

You’re not alone – You’ve got a coach for you, but also access to the whole NYCB coaching community. Join our Facebook group NYCB Leaders to ask your questions. Lots of experienced coaches can help you out on your first steps. Share your experience and connect, that’s all what matters.

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Register your account.

You need an account to access wholesale rates, your weekly earnings, input your payout details and your organization. With an account, you get two specific links – one that is for students to buy NYC English course through you (no one can buy NYC English directly to the company – only through a coach) and one that is for new coaches, to join your team. The goal for you is to get as many students to coach as possible as well as coaches joining your team – as you earn on both sides. To register, ask the registration link to your coach.

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Try NYC English

Next step is for you to understand how NYC English works. As a coach, we give you access to a demo. This is NOT the full version of the software. NYC English is divided in 3 levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each level is composed of 30 themes. each theme has around 10 modules. A module can be a Pre-quiz, a grammar or pronunciation course, a conversation between two native speakers or an exercise. The trial version gives you ONE theme, that is 10 modules. The full version covers 90 themes or over 900 modules.

NYC English demo 🇬🇧 | Coaching a student ✍️ 


Study our compensation plan

There are 5 different bonuses. Basically, the company rewards you for coaching students, but also coaching coaches. For maximum revenues, we recommend you to work on both – getting both students and coaches. If you can grow a large team of coaches, that’s how you can start generating a passive income. Take the time to watch our compensation plan, and ask your coach anything you don’t understand.

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