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Steps to Marketing Your Online Business and Services

I’m quite certain that you have found the information in the previous post to be helpful. I hope you’ve tried fusing these methods into your marketing model and strategy so as to enjoy the benefits that come with it. Here we will build on what we have learned in Steps to Market your Online Business and Services Pt1. You will find these additional points useful when it comes to getting your business, products, and services out there.

Collaboration with Bloggers

One of the most effective ways to market your business online is to reach out to popular bloggers in your niche, especially if you’ve got a value to add to one or more of their posts. If you get to find a popular blogger that often posts on a subject matter that directly correlates to your line of work, reach out and look for ways to collaborate.

You can offer your services as a guest blogger. You’ll need a good background in writing to pull this off but you can always contract the writing out to a more professional writer if you lack the background and talent.

This way, you are able to drive some traffic to your website or social media pages. It’s all about getting the word out to people that are in your niche as these are the people that need your product in the first place.

Contributions to Industry-specific forums

Many people take advantage of the forum-strategy posting for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION all wrong. The drop their spammy links everywhere and wonder why they are taken off those forums. You need to join or strike a conversation with the members of the forum. Drop some helpful information there before you try to link-drop. The members of the forums will be more open to you and your content this way.

No one likes anyone coming as a guest on a platform/forum and all he does is spamming links. You need to understand the rules of the specific forum is before you drop links of any sort. Add value, answer questions, make suggestions.

You can add your link to your signature on your posts to the forum for a start, which should be after a few posts. Don’t try to push everyone to your site at every instance. It most certainly wouldn’t work out for you in the end.

Free Products, Service

People are more willing to accept something for free than they are willing to pay for it, even a nominal price. You could offer a free service or product to your customers. It could be a free 20-minute consultation or an entry-level product that you want to give away. Trying the “buy one, get one free” approach as well.

Whenever you do this be sure to secure your customer’s contact details for feedback and getting in touch with them at a later date. You can also upsell these customers to your paid services and products. Study has shown that people are more likely to feel indebted to you when they accept something free from you.

Business Listing Sites

Running a local business? looking to attract nearby customers to a brick-and-mortar (physical) location? Offering some geographically-specific professional service? Try listing your local  business on sites such as Yahoo Local and Google Local

Google Local is a powerful tool when it comes to listing your business information as well as verifying them. It is also good for providing public details such as your company’s address for Google Maps appearances, store hours and other information related to your business. Always keep this information accurate and up-to-date.

Optimize your website for SEO

In marketing your site online optimization of your site for relevant keywords is an integral aspect. However, you should put it to heart that your business is new and you have built little authority or content, for this reason, you are going to have a very hard time ranking on the top of Google’s SERPs for any keyword that is marginally competitive.

Your goal should revolve around building excellent content, but you must ensure that you optimize your site’s On page and Off-Page SEO. While this can become a lengthy discussion, there are things that you should put into consideration, like your site’s speed, mobile usability, meta descriptions, link profile, reading level etc. This is a marathon, not a sprint and you shouldn’t get discouraged in the short-term if you don’t see major results.

Co-sponsor an award or giveaway in a contest.

Find something you can give away in a contest, co-sponsor an award or contest with another company, group or professional in your field. Use tools like LinkedIn and Facebook to network with others, then you can locate another company or professional willing to conduct an award or giveaway with you. Adding value in the public eye is the focus here as well.

Talk at Professional Conferences or on a Webinar

Are you an authority in your field? think about giving a talk in your field at a professional conference or webinar. Of course, TED Talks would be the first suggestion for professional conferences, but you could speak at a number of other conferences or webinars, which are conducted online

When it comes to online marketing, webinars are one of the most powerful tools for selling virtually everything to a highly-engaged audience. The larger the audience, the more likely you’ll be able to sell your service or product. In the long run, you’ll gain exposure and build more authority over time.

Press releases

You can use press releases to communicate important company news or events. They are not a guarantee for immediate media coverage but it builds an awareness. Some media professionals will use outlets like Help a Reporter, or even scout press release sites like PR Web, it still doesn’t guarantee instant news coverage.

However,  a press release that is well-written and has a healthy link profile can assist you marginally with SEO. It is also a very good medium to get out updates on company events or other company news. You can then use these to actively pursue media outlets with. You have to use the proper PR channels to get a more desirable result.

Create a Branded email Signature

Using a branded email signature one of the simplest ways to market your business online. Place your links and any other potential accolades your company might have received into your email signature. This helps to passively promote your business to people you’re in contact with on a daily basis.

Including social media links in your email signature, along with any other relevant links to important company marketing pieces like digital brochures or news pieces that feature your company is not a bad idea. Drop a one-sentence catchphrase about your business or profession and it’s mission as well.

The 80-20 rule

The Pareto Principle states that 80 percent of the results come from 20 percent of the efforts, hence its name; The 80-20 rule. It is actually a little portion of what we do that actually produces results. The job is identifying what the small factor is. This also applies to sales, in that 80 percent of your revenue comes from 20 percent of your clients.

If you can identify which clients are generating the most income for your business you can scale your business out by sending them additional offers and discounts for other services and products. This is why it is important to have a record of your customers and your previous dealings with them. You can gear your online marketing directly to these clients if they’re using a portal system to login or if they are being tracked by cookies.


Quite a number of high-domain authority sites are out there that one can post photos and videos to build a following. Pinterest, Flickr, Tumbler, and Instagram come to mind first. Relevant Hashtags (#) should be used and the proper descriptions to appropriately categorize what you are posting about, and follow others in your niche or industry or niche posting with those hashtags.

This is not an online marketing technique of some sort that will get you instant sales or even instant traffic. It will take time but as long as you are adding value and also passionate about what you’re doing, you will build that following up over the coming years. Comment, like and engage with other people’s posts a much as possible so you can get yourself out there in the beginning.

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