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The Beginner's Marketing Strategy Checklist

Here is our beginner’s marketing strategy checklist that you should use in ensuring that you are following the right process in starting up your small online business.

Consider Online Adverts

We live in an age where virtually everyone lives on the internet. Using platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads will help you reach your audience faster. You don’t have to spend a big budget on this or start right away.

Launch and Manage A Website

A website helps with your online presence which is crucial irrespective of the good or service you are into. Find a web developer that can actualize your needs and vision. Starting up a business means you are going professional and a website shows that you mean business.

Know and Define Your Short and Long-Term Competitions

Considering growth and levels of business you must define your environment and competition at each level. You can research on these things.

Create A Consistent Blog

A great way to market your voice and in your voice is to share special, planned and other writing relating to your business on the business’ personalized blog. This will give people a feel of what you are capable of and what to expect from you.

Define A Call To Action

When people visit your website or social media page, what you want them to do must be clear. A user-friendly site helps user experience seem seamless. Don’t stress users with complexities.

Have Social Media Presence

The largest market right now is the internet and social media. Using this platform will help you market your product infinitely, touching the ends of the earth in seconds.

Create Campaigns

Social Media is a great tool to monitor campaigns. Your campaigns can be varied depending on the industry you are in but giveaways and huge discounts are one of the ways to get a lot of attention on social media.

Use Social Media Ads

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are various platforms to market your adverts. They have millions to billions of subscribers. They also help to specifically target audiences.

Give Discounts and Rewards

Price penetration is one way to gain grounds in the modern market. Giving discounts and rewards is a great way to achieve this. Ever thought of the term ‘Customer of The Month’

Offers Should be Timed

Offers should not be eternal. They should be timed as the urgency is what will make your offer measurable (to know if it’s a success) and interesting.

Streamline Your Brand

Research on your continuous users and streamline your brand to their taste and needs, check out how long they spend on your website what type of people check your social media page and details like that.

Use Newsletters

Some customers are readers, scratch their fancy. This also helps them know what you’re doing. This also helps you update your mailing list

Use Visuals and Audio

Using your voice to push your products is still cool. Visual and audio files can be used to project your brand even further by making podcasts, audio-visual Ads are nice too

Engage your Audience

Contests, competitions, and feedbacks are good ways to engage customers and make them keep coming back.

YouTube Broadcasting

Making an instructional video and placing it on your blog and YouTube channel is great for marketing. This can also be a tool to engage your audience.

Customer Service and Feedback

Good customer servicing creates an amazing reputation and buzz around your product or service. Feedbacks and reviews from your users are essential in customer service.


A great way to personalize marketing strategy is to conduct a webinar that explains in details, how your product works.

Make an e-book

Writing an e-book and publishing it dictates that you’re an expert in the field and allows other writers the opportunity to easily reference you.


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