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Rewards of Teaching English Online

Now that online education has become mainstream, distance learning is rapidly becoming a normal option for contemporary students. This shift to leaning in to online learning has changed the education landscape and has increased the demand for online educators.

Here are some of the reasons why teaching online can be very rewarding:

Time saving

Commuting back and forth to work every day (either by car or public transportation) consumes much of our time. It is even worse when there is a road accident or a heavy rain that leads to much traffic. In working online, just turn on your computer and you can start your work right away. The time you save from commuting could be used for something even beneficial like reading books, cooking your favorite food, or watching movies.

Flexible schedule

People who work at office or teach at school usually spend 40-60 hours a week. Employees often wait for holidays or use entitled work leave to attend some personal matters; while in teaching online, you get the power to choose your own work schedule and make adjustments any time.

Quality time with the family

Working home-based allows you to enjoy earning income while taking care of your family or supervising your kids (if you are a parent). You do not have to wait for weekends to spend quality time with your loved ones. You can now enjoy family meals and TV shows together while ensuring to provide material needs for the family.

Start-Up Cost

You might wonder how much it will cost you to set up own workplace. You may find the initial cost overwhelming if you are to provide a laptop or desktop computer, a headset, and a stable internet connection. However, this is just a small capital if you are to put up your own business. Unlike teaching at school, you would not need to spend anymore for transportation, or gas (if you drive to work), and even buy meals outside. All you need to pay is your monthly internet connection and electricity bill.

Opportunities are limitless and boundless

Internet opens up many new doors to build your career and to expand your network. The increase in number of online students opens variety of positions you can choose from. Teachers may choose to work with different online schools at a time. Online teaching makes you cross the borders by handling students from anywhere in the world. Just imagine teaching foreign students such as Koreans, Vietnamese, Russian, Japanese, and the list goes on. Aside from getting a decent income, some other rewards of teaching online are learning about different cultures and making more friends from anywhere in the world.


Online teachers can generate high income since the payment is done hourly and in dollars. You can create your own terms when it comes to your rate and service, so you can get the payment you deserve. Unlike working in a company where the salary is fixed, online income increases as you accept more projects and your rate gets higher when you improve your qualifications by gaining more experience, trainings, and skills.

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